I’ve been riding 35 years and competing for the last 15 in all disciplines.  When I was 17 years old I worked for Jo Graham who now owns and runs DHI Horses (Dressage Horses International) who really put me through my paces.

I’m riding at PSG and training toward Grand Prix and have qualified for the combined training national champs.

After leaving the police I set-up my own company "Sophie Chatwin Equine Services" to back and produce young horses.

I personally receive training with my horses on a weekly basis and want to pass on what I learn.

I ride and assist other people with their horses and find it really rewarding when people reach their goals no matter how big or small.


I look forward to helping people learn and bring on their horses and ponies in the JumpCross sphere at all the levels.


You will also see me out on the course in the future on a number of baby horses!!!

Contact Sophie on: 07766 493889

JumpCross Accredited Instructor

Sophie Chatwin Equine Services Facebook Page

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