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Codham Park Equestrian 2021 events are listed below. 


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We have a selection of hot and cold refreshments available all day 

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2021 Events

Codham Park NEWS!!!

Arena Hires can be booked in with Sharon on 07769 907076 payment must be paid in advance by bank transfer or debit / credit card.

Our toilet facilities will be open and we expect you to follow all government guidelines re: hand sanitising which is supplied and social distancing must be adhered too.

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Schedules & Entries will be available to view/Enter by End of January 2021 


Sun 14th  JumpCross Training Day (Weather Permitting)

MARCH 2021

Tues 2nd  British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors 

Sat 6th Unaffiliated Showjumping 


Sun 7th Unaffiliated Showjumping


Tues 9th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors 


Sun 14th One Day Event  (Dressage/SJ/JumpCross)

Tues 16th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors 

Sun 21st Arena Eventing Challenge 

Tues 23rd British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors 

Sat 27th Unaffiliated Dressage / My Quest/Team Quest 

Sat 27th JumpCross Training Day 

Sun 28th British Dressage 

Tues 30th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors 

APRIL 2021

Sat 3rd Unaffiliated Easter Fun Showjumping  

Sun 4th Unaffiliated Easter Fun Showjumping 

Tues 6th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Sun 11th JumpCross Competition 

Tues 13th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Sun 18th British Showjumping (Juniors 2nd Round Qualifier)

Tues 20th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Sat 24th Unaffiliated Dressage / My Quest/Team Quest

Sat 24th JumpCross Training Day 

Sun 25th British Dressage 

Tues 27th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

MAY 2021

Sun 2nd British Showjumping Cat1 Mixed Junior/Senior

Tues 4th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Sat 8th Unaffiliated Showjumping

Sun 9th Unaffiliated Showjumping

Tues 11th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Sun 16th Arena X-Country (New)

Tues 18th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Sat 22nd Unaffiliated Dressage / My Quest/Team Quest

Sat 22nd JumpCross Training Day

Sun 23rd British Dressage 

Tues 25th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Sat 29th JumpCross Competition 

Sun 30th In-Hand & Ridden Showing Show 

JUNE 2021

Tues 1st British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Sun 6th British Showjumping Cat1 (Bronze & Silver Qualifier)

Tues 8th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Sat 12th Unaffiliated Showjumping

Sun 13th Unaffiliated Showjumping

Tues 15th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Sun 20th Arena Eventing Challenge 

Tues 22nd British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Sat 26th Unaffiliated Dressage / My Quest/Team Quest

Sun 27th British Dressage 

Tues 29th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

JULY 2021

Sun 4th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Tues 6th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Sat 10th Unaffiliated Showjumping

Sun 11th Unaffiliated Showjumping

Tues 13th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Sat 17th Unaffiliated Dressage / My Quest/Team Quest

Sun 18th British Dressage 

Tues 20th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Sun 25th In-Hand & Ridden Showing Show 

Tues 27th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors


Sun 1st British Showjumping Cat2 Mixed Junior/Senior

Tues 3rd British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Sat 7th Unaffiliated Showjumping

Sun 8th Unaffiliated Showjumping

Tues 10th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Sun 15th Arena X-Country (New)

Tues 17th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Sat 21st Unaffiliated Dressage / My Quest/Team Quest

Sat 21st  JumpCross Training Day

Sun 22nd British Dressage

Tues 24th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Sun 29th JumpCross Competition 

Tues 31st British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors


Sat 4th Unaffiliated Showjumping

Sun 5th Unaffiliated Showjumping

Tues 7th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Sun 12th British Showjumping Cat1 Seniors

Tues 14th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Sun 19th JumpCross Competition 

Tues 21st British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors

Sat 25th Unaffiliated Dressage / My Quest/Team Quest

Sat 25th  JumpCross Training Day

Sun 26th British Dressage

Tues 28th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors


Sat 2nd Unaffiliated Showjumping

Sun 3rd Unaffiliated Showjumping

Tues 5th  British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors (tbc)

Sun 10th Arena X-Country (New)

Tues 12th  British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors (tbc)

Sun 17th British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors (tbc)

Tues 19th  British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors (tbc)

Sun 24th Show/JumpCross (New)

Tues 26th  British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors (tbc)

Sun 30th Unaffiliated Halloween Fun Showjumping


Tues 2nd  British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors (tbc)

Sun 7th  Arena X-Country (New)

Tues 9th  British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors (tbc)

Sat 13th Unaffiliated Showjumping

Sun 14th Unaffiliated Showjumping

Tues 16th  British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors (tbc)

Sun 21st Unaffiliated Fun Winter Dressage

Tues 23rd  British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors (tbc)


Sun 28th Unaffiliated Christmas Fun Showjumping

Tues 30th  British Showjumping Cat2 Seniors (tbc)



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