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Any JumpCross day memberships or training payments that have been made will be carried over to the next

available day as per JumpCross Headquarters decision.

Important Notice!   NO DOGS

Due to an incident, We “Codham Park Team” have decided that NO dogs are allowed at the JumpCross events. 
If you do bring a dog you will be asked to take it back to your vehicle.

JumpCross is a true cross country sport combining the skill of riding on undulating terrain with the accuracy of clearing the knock-down fences. 


JumpCross is an excellent way of training both horse & rider in the art of cross country riding, and is suitable for all ages and abilities.

The JumpCross course:  The patented design of the JumpCross course, enables the poles to fall away from the horse should he knock them. This vastly reduces the possibility of rider injury should the horse hit the fence, he will merely run through it. The jumps are made from sturdy, shatter-proof, weather-proof plastic, and the ‘patented’ jump cups, with their round edges and unique design, poses less risk to both the horse and rider.

Who can do JumpCross?  Whether a seasoned competitor, nervous rider, coming back to jumping after injury, bringing on a young horse or just looking for something more stimulating, the ultimate equestrian challenge? Then JumpCross is for YOU!      


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Codham Park Equestrian Jumpcross  JumpCrossuk

JumpCross Membership


No Longer Required but to be eligible for league points you must be a Codham Park Member

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