Codham Park Membership

Codham Park 2022 Members Newsletter



Our membership is for the year, and starts 1st January and expires 31st December.

Membership fee for individual is £20.00

Membership fee for a Family membership 3 or more joining at the same time £50.00

Membership Benefits:

Reduced entry fees for unaffiliated events (Excluding BS & JumpCross).

Eligible for JumpCross, Unaffiliated Showjumping & Dressage league points and prizes.

Reduced hire rates of facilities.


Codham Park Membership form:

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Codham Park Privacy Policy:

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Codham Park Equestrian Leading Pony & Horse League Winners

JumpCross Membership is 

No Longer Required to Compete at any JumpCross Venue!!


By entering our events you agree to our abide by our code of conduct.

Your picture/s maybe taken and used on our social media pages, website our sponsors and connected magazines will also have these made available to them.

Correct fitting hat must be worn whilst mounted with correct footwear. 

Judges decision is final  and conduct must not be offensive to any show official.

Stallions must be lead from a bit and display ribbon in tail and be deemed to be safe to compete. 

No misuse of training aids whatsoever. 

No lunging in the arena’s at any time, please ask for permission to do so on the open grass area.  

Please make sure small children are supervised at all times.

Please do not empty lorry droppings in lorry park, and take litter home or place in bins provided.

Dogs must be kept on leads at all times and cleaned up after.

Thank you for your corporation.