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SC First Aid Training Services, Seb believes in providing the latest and most up to date First Aid and Medical Training. Seb is a registered Qualification Network UK Centre able to provide a wide range of courses. All the courses are tailored to suit the needs of your business whether you are a sole trader or a large company, Seb can provide the training relative to you at honest and affordable rates.

At SC First Aid Training Services Seb aims to not only provide training in the latest methods and guidelines but also provide years of experience from the Cadet Force and ambulance services backgrounds, so whether you are a child minder working from home or a global company we are equipped and experience to help you with all your medical and first aid training needs.
Sebastian Cronin set up SC First Aid Training Services in 2016 and has since then led the company in providing first aid and health and safety training to many organisations across the South East and further afield.

With over 20 years’ experience in delivering both practical and theoretical training programmes gained through roles in the cadet force and healthcare professions.

And when not training, Seb can be found teaching various subjects to Cadets and Adults as part of Kent Army Cadet Force. As well as delivering training Seb can be found at various locations across the South East covering events from cycling to horse jumping and crowd cover at racecourses

Tel: 07932 707359



SC First Aid Training Services
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