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Essex Electrical Maintenance Ltd

Essex Electrical Services is a family run business.


The team are NICEIC approved contractors, being assessed on a regular basis to ensure they are competent and capable of meeting the relevant technical and safety standards. They also have a customer-focused office team based in Bishops Stortford, who are there to provide guidance and support.


EEM specialise in providing expert electrical services to the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors. They supply, install, test, commission and maintain services for clients and pride themselves on their excellent reputation for high standards of workmanship and value for money. It is these standards which ensure their clients return to them time after time to work with them on new projects.

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Equestrian Lighting


They are here to offer you support to select the perfect lighting for your project, whether it’s a brand-new shiny yard or a horsey home renovation, They are here to assist you! They know that as soon as the word "equestrian" gets mentioned in any context the price of anything immediately doubles! They like to think they are good at sourcing products for equestrians at realistic, affordable prices along with correct advice to go with it!


Solutions both rider and horse can count on for quality and clarity. Lighting is partly provided to enable the safe movement of both horses and rider appropriate to the standard of participation. The action of both must be clearly seen by spectators, officials, and trainers. The lighting installation should provide even illumination over the total floor area. Shadows should be avoided as these may cause horses to shy. Most purpose-built arenas are rectangular in design, although the overall dimensions may vary considerably.


The smallest arena size for dressage test is 20mt x 40mt. Any arena around the 60m x 20m is more widely accepted. The eye level of a rider is typically between 2mt and 2.5mt above ground level and may significantly increase when jumps are taken. This should be considered when determining a suitable mounting height for lights. Glare to both horse and rider should be limited as much as possible. The lighting must be adequate to enable the safe progress of both horse and rider over the jumps and to discern the finer points of dressage, it is important that a high degree of lighting uniformity


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Essex Electrical Maintenance Lighting 1.jpg
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