Langdale Equine Water Treadmill


Our water treadmill at Langdale Equine was first opened to the public in October 2016. I have lived at Langdale Farm since 1993 and had been running a successful livery/ training and competition yard.


I am a qualified Equine Body Worker, BHSII and was one of the first four people in the UK to gain the Dressage Specific UKCC Level 3 Certificate in Coaching and am an accredited British Dressage Coach. I am currently competing with my horse at Small tour level who I have produced myself through the grades and have another more novice horse.


I had always believed in the benefits of working horses in water and wish I had been able to use a water treadmill with many of my past equine partners. After much research I took the plunge to have a water treadmill installed here at Langdale Farm and as they say the rest is history.

We are a small team here of mature experienced trained individuals who have over 150 years equine experience between the four of us. My co equine hydrotherapists JoJo Lewin, Jane Humphreys and Danielle Mott all have the same passion and dedication as I do and feel privileged to be part of so many horse’s journeys with us and we endeavour to look after all the horses as if they are our own.


We are very excited to be involved with the Animal Health Trust’s research and study of the use of Water Treadmils for the competition horse. I am honoured to be part of the ‘Equine Hydrotherapy Working Group ‘and I am grateful for all the physio and veterinary recommendations and referrals  given to us from Blair Court Equine, Margreet Lameris, House and Jackson, Paton and Lee, Catley Cross, Mark Sinnott, Sophie Fulton, Murrell Equine, to name but a few.


Nearly 70% of our customers use our water treadmill to improve their horses fitness, muscle tone, flexibility and core strength – So its not all about rehab, they use it to keep their Equine Athletes in top form.