Kelsey May Riseborough-Kendall

I have been riding all my life and been competing competitively for the last 6 years in all disciplines. 


I was lucky enough to have the opportunity at the age of 15 years old to work for Nikki Crisp who is a international dressage rider who has competed for Great Britain who taught me everything I know.


I also had the privilege of working alongside Michaela Russell who introduced me to the show jumping circuit.


I now have begun my own freelance business called, “KRK Equestrian Services” where all horsey needs are catered for whether that being on the ground or in the saddle.

Codham Park Equestrian Coach Kelsey May
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I am an all-round rider, I have competed up to Novice level dressage and also done BSJA along the way whilst also taking part in the JumpCross Leagues working up from novice to advanced. I also like to do long distance rides, Showing, taking part in clinics and having regular training so I am always learning new things to help improve myself and my horses which I can pass on to others.

I teach all disciplines at all levels, abilities, private or group lessons. I have successfully started producing my own horses to sell or compete on behalf of owners in all disciplines.

I am thrilled to be teaching people at Codham Park in JumpCross at all the levels and watching everyone enjoy themselves and improve at each event.

Contact Kelsey on: 07764 457934
JumpCross Accredited Instructor

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Codham Park Equestrian Coach Kelsey May
Codham Park Equestrian Coach Kelsey May