Codham Park Events

Codham Park Equestrian 2020 events are listed below. 


Please click on the event to view the schedule.

We have a selection of hot and cold refreshments available all day from the catering van.

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2020  EVENTS


Sun 23rd JumpCross Competition Round 1 - Schedule


Sun 1st Arena Eventing Round 1 - Schedule

Sat 7th Unaffiliated Showjumping League Round 1 Schedule

Sun 8th Unaffiliated Showjumping League Round 1 Schedule 

Sun 15th Unaffiliated Dressage Round 1 - Schedule - Quest Entry Form

Sun 22nd One Day Event (Showjumping / Dressage JumpCross) - Schedule & Entry Form

Sun 29th Unaffiliated Fun Showjumping - Schedule

Tues 31st British Showjumping Seniors Cat2 - Schedule


Sat 4th British Dressage  - Schedule - Entry form

Sun 5th Unaffiliated Dressage Round 2 / BD My Quest Team Quest - Schedule - Quest Entry Form 

Sun 5th JumpCross Training Day - Entry Form

Tues 7th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2 - Schedule

Fri 10th Easter Fun Showjumping - schedule 

Sat 11th Easter Fun Showjumping - schedule 

Tues 14th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2 - Schedule

Sun 19th British Showjumping Pony Discovery 2nd Round Qualifier

Tues 21st British Showjumping Seniors Cat2 - Schedule

Sat 25th JumpCross Competition Round 2 - Schedule

Sun 26th Arena Eventing Round 2 - Schedule

Tues 28th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2 - Schedule


Sun 3rd British Showjumping Seniors Cat1 - Schedule

Tues 5th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2 - Schedule

Sat 9th Unaffiliated Showjumping League Round 2Schedule

Sun 10th Unaffiliated Showjumping League Round 2 - Schedule

Tues 12th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2 - Schedule

Sat 16th Unaffiliated Dressage Round 3 / BD My Quest Team Quest - Schedule - Quest Entry Form 

Sat 16th JumpCross Training Day - Entry Form

Sun 17th British Dressage - Schedule - Entry Form 

Tues 19th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2 - Schedule

Sun 24th Fun Showing Show (In Hand / Ridden)

Tues 26th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2 - Schedule

Sat 30th Arena Eventing Round 3 - Schedule

Sun 31st JumpCross Competition Round 3 - Schedule


Tues 2nd British Showjumping Seniors Cat2 - Schedule 

Sat 6th Unaffiliated Showjumping League Round 3Schedule

Sun 7th Unaffiliated Showjumping League Round 3 - Schedule

Tues 9th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2Schedule

Sun 14th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2Schedule

Tues 16th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2 - Schedule 

Sat 20th Unaffiliated Dressage Round 4 / BD My Quest Team Quest - Schedule - Quest Entry Form 

Sun 21st British Dressage - Schedule - Entry Form 

Tues 23rd British Showjumping Seniors Cat2Schedule

Sun 28th Arena Eventing Round 4 - Schedule

Tues 30th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2Schedule


Sat 4th Unaffiliated Showjumping League Round 4 - Schedule

Sun 5th Unaffiliated Showjumping League Round 4 - Schedule

Tues 7th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2 - Schedule 

Sun 12th British Showjumping (Mixed Juniors / Seniors) Cat1 - Schedule 

Tues 14th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2 - Schedule 

Sat 18th Unaffiliated Dressage Round 5 / BD My Quest Team Quest - Schedule - Quest Entry Form 

Sun 19th British Dressage - Schedule - Entry Form 

Tues 21st British Showjumping Seniors Cat2Schedule

Sun 26th Fun Showing Show (In Hand / Ridden)

Tues 28th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2Schedule


Sat 1st Unaffiliated Showjumping League Round 5 - Schedule

Sun 2nd Unaffiliated Showjumping League Round 5 - Schedule

Tues 4th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2Schedule

Sat 8th Arena Eventing Round 5  - Schedule

Sun 9th JumpCross Competition Round 4 - Schedule

Tues 11th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2Schedule

Sun 16th British Showjumping (Mixed Juniors / SeniorsCat2 - Schedule 

Tues 18th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2 - Schedule 

Sat 22nd Unaffiliated Dressage Round 6 / BD My Quest Team Quest - Schedule - Quest Entry Form 

Sat 22nd JumpCross Training Day -Entry Form

Sun 23rd British Dressage - Schedule - Entry Form 

Tues 25th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2 - Schedule 

Sat 29th Unaffiliated Showjumping League Round 6 - Schedule

Sun 30th Unaffiliated Showjumping League Round 6 - Schedule


Tues 1st British Showjumping Seniors Cat2 - Schedule 

Sat 5th JumpCross Competition Round 5 - Schedule

Sun 6th Arena Eventing Round 6 - Schedule

Tues 8th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2 - Schedule

Sun 13th British Showjumping (Dodson & Horrell 2nd Round QualifierCat1 

Tues 15th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2 - Schedule

Sat 19th Unaffiliated Dressage Round 7 / BD My Quest Team Quest

Sat 19th  JumpCross Training Day -Entry Form

Sun 20th British Dressage - Schedule - Entry Form 

Tues 22nd British Showjumping Seniors Cat2 - Schedule

Sat 26th Unaffiliated Showjumping League Round 7 - Schedule

Sun 27th Unaffiliated Showjumping League Round 7 - Schedule

Tues 29th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2 - Schedule


Sat 3rd Unaffiliated Fun Dressage Show & Members League Presentation

Sun 4th British Dressage

Tues 6th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2

Sun 11th British Showjumping Seniors Cat1

Tues 13th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2

Sun 18th Arena Eventing Fun Show & Incorporating JumpCross Members League Presentation

Tues 20th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2

Sat 24th Unaffiliated Showjumping Fun Show Incorporating Codham Members League Presentation

Sun 25th Unaffiliated Showjumping Fun Show Incorporating Codham Members League Presentation

Tues 27th British Showjumping Seniors Cat2

Sat 31st Halloween Fun Showjumping


Sun 8th Unaffiliated Fun Showjumping

Sun 15th Arena Eventing Fun Show

Sun 29th Pre Christmas Fun Showjumping Show