I run my own event yard in Stansted Essex producing young horses and ex-Race. From 3,4 yrs upwards .

The horses I currently have to event are competing from BE 90 to intermediate/ 3 * level.


One of My top horses is an ex-race called ‘you never said’ (Gamble ), who took me to my first 2* ( what’s now 3*).

Lots of my horses belong to super lovely owners . They are all very exciting prospects moving up the levels.

One of my aims this year is Tattersalls international in Ireland in May/June.

I compete in BS show jumping with them all and British Dressage.

I enjoy teaching people and as I train myself with Christopher Bartle & Ros Canter it’s great to be able to pass on my knowledge and experience to others.

Contact Claire on: 07976 830635

JumpCross Accredited Instructor

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