Protexin JumpCross 

Important Notice!
Due to an incident, We “Codham Park Team” have decided that NO dogs are allowed at the Jumpcross events. 
If you do bring a dog you will be asked to take it back to your vehicle.


Jumpcross at Codham Park Equestrian 

Jumpcross at Codham Park EquestrianWe will be running a Championship League for our 2019 JumpCross series

5 Competitions in total which you can gain points across the season for the

chance to win GREAT PRIZES at the end of year. You will need to attend the presentation to receive your prizes. 

We are Proud to announce that for 2019 Protexin will be continuing to Sponsor the JumpCross series.

Protexin are pleased to be sponsoring the Jumpcross League at Codham Park, and wish all Competitors an enjoyable season. We look forward to meeting our League Champions at the end of the season!

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Protexin Equine Premium is dedicated to producing innovative, research based products of the highest quality, providing a complete range of gut health and joint products for the equestrian market. Leading products in the range include Gut Balancer, Acid Ease, Quick Fix and our recently launched health lick for gut support, Gut Lix.

To qualify for the League points, you will need to be a member of Codham Park Equestrian, and competed in at least 4 of the 5 rounds at the same class height to qualify.

League Points are awarded to members 

1st to 6th places in the class will be awarded points as below, if a non-member is in the placings those points will not be allocated, these points are classed as throw away.  

1st 12 points, 2nd 10 points, 3rd 8 points

4th 6 points, 5th 4 points, 6th 2 points

Then 1 point for every member there after in the class that  they

were not placed but completed the course. 

JumpCross Day or Annual Membership details are on our Membership page .

Results will be updated after each JumpCross event.

The JumpCross course:  The patented design of the JumpCross course, enables the poles to fall away from the horse should he knock them. This vastly reduces the possibility of rider injury should the horse hit the fence, he will merely run through it. The jumps are made from sturdy, shatter-proof, weather-proof plastic, and the ‘patented’ jump cups, with their round edges and unique design, poses less risk to both the horse and rider.

Who can do JumpCross?  Whether a seasoned competitor, nervous rider, coming back to jumping after injury, bringing on a young horse or just looking for something more stimulating, the ultimate equestrian challenge? Then JumpCross is for YOU!       Information courtesy of www.jumpcross.com

JumpCross competition at Codham Park Equestrian.